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We design and develop innovatives mechanicals and mechatronics products specialized into electric mobility and outdoor entertainment sectors. 

Do you want to create a new product? 

We gather a Dream Team of designers and engineers to transform your idea into an innovative and high-performance product. 



    DETAILED         DESIGN  



EXPLORA INNOVATION  conduct you throughout the product development process.

We manage the whole project for you : from the first ideas,
  until the industrialization of your product.

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Exploratory Patent Watch

Proof of concept

Research by  Iterations


Design thinking


     Fast prototype

The first step in the creation of a new product is the construction of a solid and precise technical specifications .
Thanks to
project management tools (Functional analyses, AMDEC, planning), we lay the foundations of your project with you.

We specialize in
 Technologic watch and Patent watch thanks to our subsidiary Patent Explora . Exploring and inspiring from existing technologies in other industrial sectors allow us to offer innovative and relevant solutions. 

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Embedded systems

Multi-sectoral resources



          Product design


The second big step is the design of your product . Depending on the skills required to create your product, we set up a Dream Team using our internal resources and our network of experts and partners.

We develop products with high added values whose integrates mechanics, electronics and embedded systems .

Beyond pure engineering, we are agile, flexible and versatile , able to assume the roles of project manager, test engineers or prototypists according to the project needs. 

Industrial property

Pre-series production

Cost                optimization



Local            Industrial  

Machining, forging, metallurgy

Once the product has been designed, prototyped and tested , it is time to manufacture it. We deliver an Industrialization report for your subcontractors.
No supply chain in place?
We encourage
Made in France and have a large network of subcontractors who would be happy to manufacture your product with optimized costs. . 
A product is not just an object: We also support you in the production of technical documentation, patent procedures, certification report, etc.



Ils nous ont fait confiance


The team

Guillaume Carré

Baptiste ALLO

Pierre Rollé

Georges Gallant

"20 years of international experience: from Spanish mechanical workshops to Silicon Valley brainstorming rooms"

"Project Manager, Designer, prototypist and tester. He brings agility, speed and precision to the product design process"

"Through electromechanical design, computational study and simulation, he will be able to bring precision and scientific veracity to the project"

" Mechanical designer. Always ready to meet mechanical challenges thanks to a detailed knowledge of processes and theory "

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